National Dog Day is the perfect excuse for the Linda Hall Team to share their love of dogs with YOU!! Not only do we love our dogs, but we participate in helping save dogs' lives as well. Sabine Hammerman is heavily involved in rescue.  She volunteers for the Humane Society of York County and works with other local and northern rescues to save dogs from the various County Animal Shelters in our area. If you need a furry friend to make your new home complete, please ask her!

Linda Hall can't imagine her life without her furry companions and is specifically drawn to the goldens. Right now she and her husband are raising Molly and they are both very much in love with her. 

Sabine Hammermann and her husband, Rene Lurion, have 3 dogs!! They have Hudson, Natasha, and Lucky. Their hands AND hearts are full!

Caroline McCarthy has an adorable dog who goes by the name of Lucy. Small, but mighty!

Sarah Cole has rescued several dogs and right now has an Australian Sheppard mix, Matilda, and a Bernese Mountain Dog, Charlie (and a cat, Riley.)