"Mortgage rates are now sitting at a six-week low," according to BankRate.com. When interest rates increase, families are forced to shelve their house buying plans. On the other hand, lower rates leave more room to negotiate for the dream home you have wanted to purchase. For home buyers, this is the optimal time to look for a more affordable mortgage plan without jeopardizing your financial future. 


However, if you think the market is in an upswing and want to wait for prices to come down, you may miss out on these incredible mortgage rates the market is offering today. Industry analysts do not expect a further fall in house pricing or financing in the immediate future. A shortage in both existing and new construction houses means that further price falls are unlikely. 


So again, if you have been considering leveling up in the size of your home or even downsizing this is a good time to do that. Today’s markets have some of the best rates in recent times. Don’t hesitate too long as rates won’t stay at their current levels forever. Asses your situation today to see how you might take advantage of these excellent rates and if you do not have someone to work with then the Linda Hall Team would like to recommend Liz Ciardi of PrimeLending, Charlotte, NC. She's the best!!