#1. The Fort Mill School District Has 17 School Sites With 3 More Coming Soon!

There are nine Elementary Schools, five Middle Schools, and three High Schools. Two more Elementary Schools will be opening in the Fall of 2020 and one more Middle School is scheduled to open the Fall of 2021!



#2. The Fort Mill School District Students Lead The Way When It Comes To Testing Performance!

The Fort Mill School district outperforms not only at the State level but also nationally. For ACT’S FMSD students score 21.1 where at the State level it is 18.3, and Nationally it is 20.9. Wow! The SAT’s are similar where FMSD students score 1143, and at the State level it is 1064, and Nationally it is 1049! The AP Exams scores are 85 percent for FMSD students, and the State level is 58 percent, and Nationally, it is 57 percent! Are you impressed yet? We are!!



#3. The Fort Mill School District’s Graduation Rate is above the State AND National Rates!

More good news!! The Fort Mill School District Students graduation rates from 2016 were 94 percent, and in 2017 it was 94.1 percent, and in 2018 it was 94.4 percent! While the National and State level for graduation hovers in the 80 plus percent range. That’s quite a difference!



#4. Many Fort Mill School District Students Continue Their Education After Graduation!

87.2 percent of FMSD students continue forward to either a 2-year, 4-year or technical school post-graduation.



#5. The 2018 senior classes of Fort Mill and Nation Ford high schools earned a total of $31 million in scholarships!

This news is a fantastic statement that the students are high achievers. 31 Million in scholarships were handed out in 2018!!



So now you know five facts about the Fort Mill School District that you may not have known about previously and you know why this district is growing by leaps and bounds. The Linda Hall Team has personally helped many of their clients buy homes within the boundaries of this fantastic school district for a good reason! If you’d like to look at homes in the Fort Mill School District, please let us know!